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If you've completed two full mushroom cultivations with your CULTIV8R KIT and you're just about ready to transfer the third (and final) bag of colonized grain over to substrate, then it's time to keep the process going – and keep the mushrooms growing – with a CULTIV8R KIT refill.

Each CULTIV8R KIT refill contains three bags of sterilized grain, three sets of tub liners, three sets of individually packaged substrate mix materials (i.e.: coco coir, vermiculite, and pH balancing nutrients), gloves, masks, alcohol wipes, and stickers. 

Order your kit refill today and be ready for your next three flushes of mushrooms 

Please note: Fruiting tubs, lights, the CULTIV8R Guidebook, and spores are NOT included with the kit refill.


• Each kit refill arrives with three sterilized grain bags, and enough substrate (i.e.: mushroom soil) for three full cultivations.

• Go from spore inoculation to mushroom harvest in ten to twelve weeks.

• With proper technique, each kit will produce at least 30 grams of dried mushroom material per cultivation.

• Cultivation tubs and guidebook are not included with kit refills.


Perhaps you've considered growing your own medicinal mushrooms at home, but have felt confused and overwhelmed by the shear volume of information out there. Or perhaps you've looked into mushrooms as a whole, to help supplement your regular self-care and wellness routine.

We can help.

Because our CULTIV8R KIT is designed to make growing mushrooms at home easy.

CULTIV8R KIT Shipping ▌▌▌

Shipping takes place via USPS Priority Mail, typically within two business days of having received your order.

Product Dimensions █

CULTIV8R KITS are shipped in sturdy 8"x12"x14" boxes, via USPS Priority Mail.

Kit Refills are shipped in 6"x9"x12" boxes, also via USPS Priority Mail.

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█ Let's talk CULTIV8ION.

If you're a bit unsure of how to begin the mushroom cultivation journey – or the vast amounts of conflicting information out there have you confused – then we highly recommend a one hour, 1-on-1 consultation with our master cultivator in conjunction with your CULTIV8R KIT purchase.

And why is this our recommendation?

Because our master  cultivator is talented, has grown a wide variety of mushroom species and strains, and is 100% committed to your success. He can solve almost every cultivation issue that might arise and – more importantly – will help you in preventing these issues from coming up in the first place.

Along with your consultation you'll receive our complete all-in-one mushroom cultivation kit, containing three sterile grain bags, a compact – and food safe – fruiting chamber, three sets of tub liners, individually packaged substrate materials (i.e.: coco coir, vermiculite, and pH balancing nutrients), hygrometer, LED grow light, gloves, and an expertly written (and easy to follow) guidebook.

Everything you need – aside from spores, hot water, and the proper location – for growing your own mushrooms at home.

How it works █

  • █ Free Shipping ▌

    We send out all our CULTIV8R products – the kits and the kit refills – via U.S.P.S. Priority Mail. And we do this for free, so there are no extra or hidden costs with your order.

  • ▌▌Hassle-Free Exchanges █

    If parts are missing from your CULTIV8R KIT, or something was damaged while in transit, please reach out to us as soon as possible. We'll make sure you have that missing part – or a replacement – as soon as possible.